#1 – Business Listings

Ranking your Google My Business comes down to relevancy and proximity. Relevancy comes down to whether your service offering is aligned with the searcher’s interests. One of the best ways of doing this is by including the key term you are targeting in your Google listing’s title. For example, if you search for “Vancouver SEO”, you will likely see DataFirst SEO show up in the results. The next most important factor is proximity. How close you need to be depends on whether the search term is relevant to the location. If you are a national e-commerce website trying to rank for “buy shoes online”, this search does not warrant a local listing result. You must also consider the competition. If you are searching for a coffee shop in Yaletown, only Yaletown coffee shops will show up (and not one in Coal Harbour). To find the best directories for your Vancouver business, check out the top 50 directories in Canada.

#2 – Consistent Name, Address, & Phone Number (NAP)

The way your business NAP (name, address and phone number) is listed in these directories, on your website’s contact page, and within the Google My Business listing must be consistent and up to date. This is to avoid confusion for Google regarding your business’ legitimacy. Remember, Google strives to show the most relevant results so that users come back to it, so the last thing it wants to do is point someone to an old business location. Visit Moz to review your directory consistency.

#3 – NAP On Website

You will also need to list your business name address and phone number on your website. I’ve read other SEO companies say it’s good to have it in the footer or header of your website so it shows on every page. If you can do this, then go ahead as it’s good for the user experience. Bonus points if you do so using the Schema markup.

#4 – Embedded Google Map

It’s good practice to have your businesses Google My Business listing embedded on your contact page. This way Google can be certain you are located at the address you have listed by confirming that with your Places listing, and also helps users know where your business is in Vancouver if they are not familiar with your address.

#5 – Reviews

You need to get everyone to review your page. If Google sees a page with 20 or more reviews, it will want to show that page in the mapped listings over a page that doesn’t have any reviews. (Note: reviews are also great with building trust and increasing your conversion rate).